Checking Cable Lengths

In order to make sure the fieldbus installation runs smoothly right from the outset, the voltage drop of the cables is checked based on the selected infrastructure components. This ensures that the supply voltage is available for each device, under all operating conditions.

First, check the design of the segment with the longest cable paths and the highest number of nodes. Second, budget a reserve of 20 % for changes within the scope of plant engineering and subsequent expansions. Even for 24 nodes with intrinsically safe device connections, you can easily achieve trunk cable lengths of 600 m.

Segment Checker Planning Tool

Segment Checker is a software tool that supports centralized and distributed fieldbus architecture concepts for FOUNDATION™ fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA.

Using Segment Checker, you can easily check the optimal function of the segment. At the click of a mouse, you accurately combine the required instrumentation, fieldbus infrastructure components, and accessories.

The technical data from Segment Checker can be loaded into Advanced Diagnostics for exact matching between the planning status and implementation of individual segments. Additionally, you are able to set alarm limits individually for each device.

Fieldbus Diagnostics—Selecting Required Functions

Advanced Diagnostics transform fieldbus infrastructure into an asset that can be continuously monitored. The advanced diagnostic module (ADM) integrated into the power supply can be incorporated into the control technology. Thus, the plant operator can retrieve common alarms, while the maintenance personnel receives detailed information regarding the status of the fieldbus infrastructure and critical conditions.

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Free Software Tool Segment Checker

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