"If the fieldbus is installed correctly, then it operates extremely reliably."
Manager for the instrument test lab at major chemical Verbund-site, Germany

During operation, fieldbus really demonstrates its advantages for the operator and maintenance team. Field devices provide status and diagnostics information that they group into common alarms in accordance with NAMUR recommendation NE 107. If the instrumentation indicates that maintenance is required, maintenance staff can generally start working before a fault negatively affects plant operation. Additionally, plant operators can adjust the configuration of the instruments via the fieldbus.

Advanced Diagnostics

Advanced diagnositcs brings transparency to fieldbus infrastructure allowing operators to minimize fault conditions while achieving highest plant availability. Learn more about the FieldConnex® Advanced Diagnostic Modul (ADM) and Fieldbus Diagnostic Handheld (FDH-1) that provide interpretation in plain text for many typical fault scenarios so a technician can maintain the installation even without intensive training.

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