The FieldConnex® product portfolio offers equipment and performance features that identify typical faults resulting from normal operation and suppress or report their impact.
  • Redundancy of the power supply,
  • smart error detection and suppression, prevents negative effects on the process by short circuits, contact bounce, or creeping errors such as penetration by moisture,
  • leak detection for instrument housings or fieldbus junction boxes with automatic control technology, and
  • lightning protection with wear monitoring and remote reporting for predictive replacement.

Users appreciate the very long service life of components. The design requires oversized electronic components, which is a requirement for ignition protection and thus safe operation in hazardous area Zone 2/Division 2. Many of our users choose FieldConnex components for installation in non-hazardous industrial applications.

The typical trunk-and-spur topology allows the mixture of protection types on a common main the same trunk line.

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