“We always had 4…20 mA, but PROFIBUS PA enabled us to do precise aggregate measurements for cost allocation.”
ICA engineer at a foundry company after long discussions whether fieldbus is really necessary, Germany

FieldConnex® fieldbus infrastructure from Pepperl+Fuchs helps you efficiently manage your plant with fieldbus technology. From harsh marine applications to large plants in the oil and gas industry, FieldConnex offers reliable products for hazardous areas and challenging environments. Developed based on decades of experience, FieldConnex is the right choice to make your automation project a success from the start.

The FieldConnex Product Selector—Easy!

Product Highlights at a Glance

Discrete Signals—Quick Integration
Integrate multiple discrete signals, from NAMUR sensors to simple vibrating forks to low-power valves, with the FieldConnex Multi-Input/Output. Save on investment, installation, and DCS integration. With many diagnostic functions that increase plant availability … more 
Save Space—Superior Reliability
FieldConnex Compact Power Hubs are robust, and space-saving. Low heat dissipation and high packing density make them the perfekt fit for your control cabinet. Easy DCS integration via manufactured cables reduces wiring and makes your factory acceptance test run smoothly.

Compact Power Hubs for FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1
Compact Power Hubs for PROFIBUS PA

Intelligent Surge Protection
Taking protection for your installation to the next level: Surge protection with self-diagnostics via fieldbus eliminates routine checks after a thunderstorm. Surge protectors report the end of their useful life to the control room without configuration.

Surge Protectors for FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1
Surge Protectors for PROFIBUS PA

Easy-to-Select Enclosures
Benefitting from the knowledge of Pepperl+Fuchs experts, you can also choose our tailor-made control cabinet solutions. From the project plan all the way to your perfect, ready-to-use solution: Our technical specialists are there for you, steering the entire process. That means an all-around worry-free package for you, also available with integrated factory acceptance test … more
Installation Check at Your Fingertips
Quickly check your fieldbus installation using the FDH-1 fieldbus diagnostic handheld! It is the only portable solution with an embedded expert system that gives concise information about causes and possible corrections for faults in your installation … more

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